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IFK Enterprises

IFK Enterprises was established in 2012, in collaboration of Makerwal Collieries Ltd (MCL). Main purpose of IFK enterprises is to meet market needs in an efficient way, with no compromise on coal quality.

Makerwal Collieries Ltd.

The coal mining in Surghar Range, Punjab, Pakistan was started during 1913. After the 1947 partition, it was declared as a property of Government of Pakistan and eventually wnt under supervision of the Federal Government in 1949. Federal Government transferred this to Pakistan Industrial Development Corporation (PIDC) in 1954.

PIDC undertook a major development programme with USAID funding, and the services of foreign experts were acquired for the development of coal mines at greater depth. For this purpose, a scheme costing Rs.16.7 million was executed in 1956 to 1965. Later, MCL was transferred to PMDC in 1974. PMDC initiated a major investment programme to replace the old worn out machinery. An expenditure of Rs. 24.308 million was made develop drivage into coal seam. In 1995 the MCL was privatized by the Privatization Commission of Pakistan.

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